Where to Buy Guild Wars 2 Boxsets in Asia?

Looking to buy ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 boxset? You search is over! I found the right place where you can buy the boxset that will ship your order as soon as it is available! (Sometimes even ahead by a few days before the official release day!)

Jump in to know where…

Follow up:

Here’s a comparison chart take from the official website, to help you decide which is best for you.

And here’s what’s inside the Guild Wars 2 Collector’s Edition set…

But if all that is not something you want to spend extra for, you can always get the standard edition box set. Without delaying you any longer, here are the links where you can order the Guild Wars 2 and have it shipped to you, so you have a box to show to your friends who bought the Digital Deluxe Edition. (They’ll envy you for sure!)

Yes, tested. I’ve ordered my games from them, sent via FedEx and I received my orders usually three-days before the official release date. How neat is that? They understand that you want to be the first in everything!

Definitely see you in-game!!

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