Two Huge Guild Wars 2 Beta Coming!

Guild Wars 2 beta sign-up event a few days ago reached a whopping one million registrations in just 48 hours. That’s how huge GW2 is and will be after launch. But when will the beta aspirants get access?

If you regularly check the official Twitter account of the Guild Wars 2 team (@GuildWars2) they officially said end of March.

What’s in store?

Follow up:

By end of March, if all goes well (and I’m sure it will), lucky people who signed-up a few days ago in the beta sign-up event will get a chance to play in Guild Wars 2 beta – a massive beta this time.

NCsoft and ArenaNet announced that the next beta will concentrate on World-vs-World (WvW), gameplay, and the most important of all, server load testing. And if you know what “server load testing” is, it means that a good chunk of the one million beta registrants will have a chance to play!

How many? I don’t know. Hopefully a third, 300,000 or something. That’s more than enough for the next beta. Then perhaps another third (another 300,000) for the beta after that – targeted some time in April. Better be sure this early, GW2 is huge (both in terms of game world and expectations).

Super excited already? Well, here’s more. If you haven’t heard yet, there’s going to be a console version of Guild Wars 2 that will be released after the PC version comes out.

Imagine that. Players from both PC and console meeting in Guild Wars 2. What else could you ask for? Of course it remains to be seen in what form the console version will take. Will it be something like EVE Online’s console iteration “Dust 514“?

For now, let’s enjoy ourselves with watching videos of the previous two beta events. You may also want to start brushing up on your Guild Wars lore. Finish up your accomplishments in GW so you can get more freebies in GW2. Get your gaming PC ready too, you don’t want to go below “normal” settings when you play Guild Wars 2 nor to experience slowdowns when there are hundreds or even a thousand players in one area (especially if you are going to join World-vs-World and participate in world events).

See you in the beta!

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