Trion Worlds to Publish XLGames ArcheAge in the West

English speaking gamers all around the world have been waiting for years to hear news about the English server for XLGamesArcheAge®. Get those drinks and food ready for today, XLGames officially announced the English server publisher.

Follow up:

South Korea-based game developer XLGames have entered into a strategic agreement with Trion Worlds to exclusively publish and operate ArcheAge® in the West. Created by Jake Song, best known for his hit game Lineage, the highly anticipated ArcheAge is poised to be the most polished MMORPG coming out of Asia. Trion will host the game on its Red Door platform in North America, Europe, Turkey, Australia, and New Zealand.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Trion Worlds, a company who is setting a new standard for gaming by embracing original, high-quality IPs on a dynamic connected platform”, said Jake Song, CEO and founder of XLGames. “We are impressed with Trion’s track record as they have consistently delivered against an unwavering vision; we are confident partnering with Trion will help bring ArcheAge a successful game that satisfies audience both in East and West”.

“We’re very impressed with ArcheAge and the level of anticipation for the game is absolutely astonishing”, said Dr. Lars Buttler, CEO and founder of Trion Worlds. “We are very proud of the catalog of world-class games we will be offering through Red Door. Now, with ArcheAge, we are bringing the best in Asia onto our platform”.

ArcheAge development took more than six (6) years and nearly two (2) years of closed testing. Players are introduced to a fantasy sandbox world where they begin their journey on one of two continents: Harihara and Nuia. From there, everything else is up to the player, from what character they want to play, to where they want to go, their background story, items they want to wear, things they want to do, and many more.

The game promises to remove the restrictions that have hindered other MMORPGs, especially concerning character classes and skills. ArcheAge started its commercial service on 16th of January in South Korea, and it is truly the spiritual successor of Richard Garriot’s Ultima Online, the most successful sandbox MMORPG and still kicking.

For us Asean gamers, we can only hope that there will be no IP-blocks, otherwise, we may have to live with playing this amazing game via proxies or VPNs.

Trion Worlds is the developer and/or publisher of Rift® and the upcoming online games Defiance™, a multi-platform shooter MMOG; Warface®, from the creators of Crysis® and Far Cry™; and End of Nations®, a free-to-play gaming arena that redefines the MMORTS genre.

Visit the official (publisher) Trion ArcheAge website here:; or visit the official (developer) XLGames ArcheAge website here:

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