Track Election Related Hashtags the Easy Way

There are six, yes 6 hashtags the Filipino people are using online when posting their microblogging updates, these are – [1] juanvote; [2] purplethumb; [3] eleksyon; [4] halalan; [5] eleksyon2010; and [6] halalan2010. But how to easily follow all these six hashtags?

There are two ways. The first is via Twitter’s search – simply enter this search string (without the quotes) “juanvote OR purplethumb OR eleksyon OR halalan OR eleksyon2010 OR halalan2010″.

Follow up:

The second way is by clicking this Tweetgrid link: Philippine May 10, 2010 Election Hashtag Tracking Grid.

If you want to follow the these hashtags only: juanvote, purplethumb, eleksyon, and halalan, then click this Tweetgrid link instead: Track #juanvote, #purplethumb, #eleksyon, and #halalan.

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