World of Warcraft Shatters Tonight!

Kotaku today posted a short interview with World of Warcraft lead systems designer Greg Street, talking about the game’s biggest expansion Cataclysm. And here are the nitty details that gives us a crystal clear time when “The Shattering” patch will be: November 23, 2010 maintenance.

In two weeks, World of Warcraft gains Goblin, Worgen, and a healthy dose of high-end content, but first the world must die. WoW lead systems designer Greg Street talks us through the rebirth of Azeroth coming in tomorrow’s massive patch.

Follow up:

  • [Cataclysm,] It’s a big deal, but it’s not the end of the world. That {the end of the world} happens tonight.
  • What happens tomorrow? The mainlands are reborn. The Goblin and the Worgen make themselves known throughout the lands, though players will have to wait until December 7 to play them.
  • “You’ve got this revamp of the entire world, free of charge, and then on December 7 comes two new playable races, along with five more levels and tons of new content to explore.”
  • So what should you do once you log into World of Warcraft tomorrow?
  • “This is the patch that changes World of Warcraft forever.”

You can read the complete article by Michael Fahey of Kotaku here: The Patch That Changes World Of Warcraft Forever.

You can also read another article confirming the Nov23rd 4.0.3a “The Shattering” release, this time from IGN Australia: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm: Azeroth Changes Early.

Oh, why two weeks early? Happy 6th Year Anniversary World of Warcraft!!

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