Ragnarok Online II: Legend of the Second Open Beta

Gravity finally have a set date for the open beta test (“OBT”) of Ragnarok Online II: Legend of the Second – 22nd of February 2011 2012! If you are not aware, RO2:LotS is the second version of the RO2 title.

Follow up:

The first version was Ragnarok Online II: The Gate of the World which was scrapped due to poor reception from game testers. A right decision. From the ashes of RO2:TGotW comes a better iteration of the game Ragnarok Online II: Legend of the Second.

Watch the OBT anime trailer below…

RO2:LotS is a 3D world similar to the late 2nd Generation MMOGs. However, this game does not belong in that era. Ragarok Online 2: Legend of the Second is no doubt a 3rd Generation MMOG, especially when we consider the fact that the developers had the 1st and whole of 2nd generations to learn from, pick from, and enhance what works and drop what failed.

So yes, do expect familiar features but before you shout and brand it as a “copycat” or a “{put game title here} clone” (which many gamers today do), you should play the game first. It wasn’t restarted from scratch for nothing. Cool?

System Requirements

Current system requirements found on the Korean website is as follows:

Minimum Recommended
CPU Pentium 4 2.0GHz Intel Dual Core 2.0GHz
GFX Card GeForce FX 5600 with 256MB RAM and Shader 2.0 GeForce FX 8600 with 512MB RAM and Shader 2.0
HDD Space 5GB 10GB

See you there!

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