GAMEYEZ Steps into the Philippine Online Gaming Market

Finally, the long wait is over. GAMEYEZ Online Gaming Portal will launch in the Philippine Online Gaming Market on the 16th of August 2011. GAMEYEZ will launch Blade of Destiny (B.O.D.), a game originally developed by Korean Developing Company BAG Entertainment, as the first game to be introduced in the gaming portal. B.O.D. follows the traditional MMORPG theme in the Fantasy Martial Arts genre.

Following B.O.D. is CARIAN, a Fantasy Web Browser Based Game that will be launched at a later date.

Follow up:

B.O.D. would run a Closed Beta Test for two weeks beginning 16th of August, 2011. To celebrate the opening of the GAMEYEZ portal and the CBT launch of B.O.D., GAMEYEZ will run different special events open to all who register and experience the fun. Events would include bonus EXP, highly set item drop and we’ll be giving enough CASH POINTS (GE Points) so that all players can have the full gaming experience for the two full weeks of CBT.

As Filipino players love the PvP experience, they would enjoy B.O.D.’s specialized PvP system. The game consists of two enemy clans that are on a never ending quest to control the continent. Regular war times are done to complete the player experience. With over 300 Cash Items and over 700 Quests, Pinoy players would find never ending adventures in BOD.

Client-wise, B.O.D. does not require very high computer specs compared to other MMORPGs. Players would be able to enjoy playing the game even with low computer specs and video card.

CARIAN, the other game that would be expected to launch in September, will be one of the first RPG Web Browser Based Game. It gives you the experience of playing an RPG without worrying about downloading any client or the high computer specs that is usually synonymous to typical MMOs.

GAMEYEZ as an Online Gaming Portal has set its goal to become a global portal, but promises to satisfy all Filipino players by providing various genres of online games and various events and cash items to meet the needs of the Philippine Online Gaming Market.

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