Planet Tyria Revealed

It is every lore buff, cartographer, and role-players dream to see the whole planet of Tyria, the world where the events of Guild Wars takes place. If like me you’ve spearheaded projects and joined the discussions, you know the feeling of being in wonder thinking about “what is out there” or “what is beyond the accessible zones” of the game.

Then Guild Wars 2 was announced with a somewhat disappointing but understandable news – the first setting will be restricted on the continent known by the planet’s namesake – Tyria. Once again, we’re back to a small part of the world. We will not have access to the continents of Cantha and Elona who knows for how long.

Until now… a globe and a map have been discovered hidden in the files of GW2…

Follow up:

Yes, that’s complete world map of Tyria. We barely explored it. We barely mapped it. We definitely lack knowledge of the outside world. In Guild Wars 2 we knew that the continent of Cantha was put under the complete control of a single king. The warring factions of Kurzicks and Luxons were history, forgotten. It is possible that the new unified kingdom of Cantha is undersieged from its neighbors – did you know that they kicked out all non-human races?

The continent of Elona also fell under one mighty rule – that of the crazy, undead warlord Palawa Joko. Which could very well be to their advantage because from what we know currently, Palawa Joko is able to withstand the forces of the elder dragon Kralkatorrik that is just outside of Elona’s border in the Crystal Desert.

For the Ascalonians and Krytans… they’re the last of the humans in the continent of Tyria, cut-off from their fellow humans in Cantha and Elona. They have to work with the Norns who have to abandon their homes in Northern Shiverpeaks because the elder dragon Jormag awoke. They have to make peace with the Charrs hell bent on destroying every last human being in the continent.

Contend with the Asurans who only cares for themselves. And be patient with the Sylvaries, as they learn of the world that they have awaken to, maybe, just maybe, the youngest race on the planet could be the solution in freeing Tyrians (continent) from the control of the elder dragons. These dragons who seem to only care of their continent but not the other places on the planet.

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