Online Auction and Store for Gamers Launched

Do you want to play with your friends but you do not have enough money? Do you want to play that next great game but it is always out-of-stock? The answer to your problems is now here. Gamers Philippines Auction and e-store.

For a limited time, the team is giving away unlimited tokens free-of-charge if you register now! These tokens allow you to bid on the free category that starts on ₱0.00 with free nationwide delivery.

Imagine that! What are you waiting for!

Follow up: is the newest online auction and e-store in the Philippines that cater for gamers like you and me. The people behind this auction site is X-Play Online Games, Inc., a joint-venture of IPVG and GMA New Media. Currently, all items up for grabs are products under licensed to X-Play for distribution. Will there be other products? That remains to be seen, however, knowing the Philippine market and corporate landscape, that is highly unlikely.

The system was provided by Soldgers Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based provider of user-centric e-commerce platforms, the same company behind Singapore’s most popular online shopping site, In fact, the website design of and are exactly the same.

From today until the end August 2013, all new accounts will receive free 10 tokens. Tokens are used to bid on items available for auction. This keeps the competition a bit controlled and prevents anyone from continously bidding as if s/he have a bottomless wallet.

As long as you have tokens, you can bid on any items available for auction. The only catch, tokens expire. Tokens acquired through promos expires within 7 days while purchased tokens have an expiry of 365 days. A fair and common practice locally and in the region, if you are not aware.

A lot of gamers already won items for a very cheap price you will not believe it! Did you know that earlier today someone won a brand-new StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty boxset for a very small price of ₱5.55 only? It is as good as free considering that shipment is for free within the Philippines! Screenshot you say?

However it doesn’t end there. They have to pay for the auction they won. Payment can be made using Globe G-Cash, Smart Money, PayPal, Credit Card (Mastercard and Visa, as of this post), and COD (Cash-On-Delivery). What about the tokens? The tokens are used for a chance to bid on items, not to pay for those items. This also means that, if you lose in a bidding, used tokens are not returned. Do not confuse the two.

Which brings me to the next point, will this last? Maybe, maybe not. As long as there are gamers buying tokens to bid, then the system survives. If no one is bidding but instead they use as an online store to buy games, then the site stays.

Yes, that is correct, gamers can buy items straight, for the retail price. Players can also reserve for games that are yet to be released if it is available on the Which makes this venture more secure than a pure auction site or a pure online store. Activity in both will sustain the system.

Source: Azrael’s Merryland Blog.

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