OBT Launch for B.O.D Online and CARIAN in Philippines!

Promising good quality and entertaining online games for everyone, GameEyez has begun by introducing Blade of Destiny Online (B.O.D. Online) to the country.

Blade of Destiny Online or simply known as B.O.D. Online is a client based MMORPG loosely based on the war between the Yin and the Zhou dynasty in Ancient China. although the land is known as Tokyo, all other aspects of the game are based on Chinese history.

Follow up:

Aside from the usual quests and missions that a player can do in the game, B.O.D. Online has a war system that activates periodically where anyone can join in the battle to protect their dynasty.

After having a successful run during its closed beta testing, B.O.D. Online will be open to the public for its Open Beta Testing on September 5.

As a means to thank all CBT players and a welcome to the new players, GameEyez has come up with three events for B.O.D. Online:

  1. Existing users and new players will be given 4,000 GEP (GameEyez Points) equivalent to ₱2,000 as a start up so players can enjoy the game with relatively better weapons and armour already.
  2. There will be NPCs stationed in the main castles (Seo-ki and Jo-ga) giving free buffs to players who will be asking for them. At the same time, GameMasters will be randomly roaming around the different maps giving free buffs to any character they will see roaming around the area.
  3. Two more NPCs will be “visiting” the two castles. They would require players to hunt down for 5 different colored eggs in exchange for a Golden Egg that would give them additional increase in skills and defense.

Aside from Blade of Destiny Online, GameEyez will also release CARIAN for Open Beta Testing on September 8. CARIAN is currently the number 1 web browser game in Korea. It is a combination of RPG and turn-based type of game that gives the players endless fun and adventure.

Carians are known as the 2nd highest ranking citizens in EUPA. They tame and control monsters to aid them in different battles to maintain the co-existence of monsters and humans in the continent. They are known more as historians, biologists, or alchemists, than fighters as their monster pets are the ones that’s doing the fighting with them giving additional skills and attributes.

The game has different types of quest that you can choose to take and some unexpected quest that pops up that would give you gold or AP during explorations.

On CARIAN’s OBT release, there will also be three events that would give the players great rewards while testing the game.

  1. MP and HP potions to help with the leveling-up of their pets
  2. Treasure Chest for players who have reached Advance Grade during the event period
  3. Be part of the top 10 CARIAN adventurer to get D-Grade to B-Grade Pets and Pet Armour

GameEyez does its best to keep the balance of the game while still being able to let the players enjoy playing the game.

Visit the official websites at:
B.O.D. Online:
Carian: carian.gameyez.com

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