Nexon Invests in 6waves Lolapps

The online gaming behemoth Nexon invested in social gaming company 6waves Lolapps which was, just two weeks ago, two separate companies – 6waves and Lolapps.

Follow up:

An investment coming from Nexon only suggests that 6waves Lolapps is poised to challenge the social gaming industry’s leaders like Zynga. Nexon is popular internationally for bringing free-to-play online games like MapleStory, Vindictus, and recently Dragon Nest.

“We are thrilled to be teaming up with 6waves Lolapps in such a significant way,” said Nexon CEO Seung-woo Choi. “We made this investment because we believe that 6waves Lolapps places the same value that we do in providing exciting games to our players and driving growth for the company by doing so.”

Nexon is a 17-year old company that is preparing to go public, and is much larger and more experienced than Zynga.

Source: Nexon Makes ‘Significant’ Investment In 6waves Lolapps

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