Nexon Co. Ltd. Invests in NCsoft Corporation

The biggest news I’ve heard in the International gaming industry to date is the investment of Nexon in NCsoft. These two companies are one of the biggest game developer and provider in the world, and are in stiff competition with each other for years.

Follow up:

This investment makes Nexon Co. Ltd. the largest shareholder in NCsoft Corporation, amounting to 3,218,091 shares or 14.7% at a price per share of KRW 250,000 in cash, for a total acquisition cost of KRW 804,522,750,000. This transaction brings together NCsoft’s strong pipeline of compelling IP and Nexon’s leading international publishing platform and expertise in the operation of free-to-play online games.

Recall that Nexon and NCsoft has been in a buying spree for the past years, from development companies to game providers, to game rights and game ownership. And for the past months I’ve been toying with the idea of a Nexon-NCsoft merger (far-fetched, I know). It remains to be seen what effect this transaction will have for all players.

But it looks good and promising. Nexon, the provider of good and quality free-to-play games (which is a rare thing in the industry) and NCsoft of pay-to-play games -turn free-to-play. Nexon, for casual games while NCsoft for serious games. Not to mention, these two are powerhouses.

This investment forms the basis of a long-term partnership, enabling both companies to leverage their strengths to facilitate attractive commercial opportunities. By creating this strategic relationship, both Nexon and NCsoft strengthen their commitment to deliver unrivaled gaming experiences to users around the world.

Thanks Joel for the tip!

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