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Blizzard Entertainment the creator of the massively multiplayer online role-playing game World of Warcraft released a working preview of the new WoW Community Site. It will become the official website on (or before) December 7, 2010 – the launch day of the 3rd expansion World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

Follow up:

It is a complete overhaul of the community site of World of Warcraft. The first thing I noticed was the tight integration of the v2.0 system enabling them to open up the website into becoming a real “community” website. For example, fans can now leave comments on each news item which was not possible with the old website.

The layout has changed too, instead of having the sidebar on the left side (the Web1.0 layout), it is now on the right side (the Web2.0 layout). This new layout keeps the content, the most important of all, right in front of where a visitor looks – left side of their screens. But it doesn’t end there!

The sidebar is now informative – again content filled. At the top is your active character’s recent achievements, next the latest active forum discussions, and community screenshots. If you switched to the Community sub-page, your sidebar features WoW’s social media accounts and Blizzard Community Content (Blizzard Insider, Blizzcast, and Forums).

Let’s go to the new community forums, which I really like with the new website.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the new forums is a thousand leagues better than the old one. Avatars are now based on the latest Armory profile of your character; there are now “Like”, “Dislike”, “Trolling”, “Spam”, and “Report” buttons for each post or reply when you hover over; and a “Quick Reply” box at the bottom (which is the default reply textbox by the way).

We can now also click on a poster’s name and select: “View Profile”, “View Posts”, and “Ignore”.

Clicking on “View Profile” brings us to a better profile page than what WoW Armory offers as is shown above. Integrated with the new website, thus keeping the players within the community site instead of forwarding us to WoW Armory. However, not all WoW Armory features and pages are available yet as the team is still in the process of development and squashing out possible bugs before releasing the new codes out in the wild (see next screenshot). But it is something to look forward to with what we have seen with the preview.

Then next, clicking on “View Posts” brings us to the search page.

Once again, a better search page. What I noticed here are the tabs, currently there are only two – All and Forums. From the look of it, there will be new community features that will allow us to submit our own content and it will be searchable via the site’s search page. I can think of one already and that is the ability for us to post comments on every news item.

That’s the new World of Warcraft Community Site that will go live with the rest of the content and features on or a little before December 7, 2010, coinciding with the launch of what is dubbed as World of Warcraft 2World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

Visit and bookmark it now by going to:

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