Neverwinter No Longer Crpytic

Remember more than a year ago when Atari bought Cryptic Studios? The Neverwinter community was buzzing with rumor about the possibility of seeing Neverwinter Nights Online.

It’s true… well sort-of. Jump in and you will understand…

Follow up:

If you have not heard the news, a few months ago, 23rd of August 2010, Atari and Cryptic Studios announced and confirmed the secret game: Neverwinter. The third PC game in the franchise’s modern series (fyi: Neverwinter is a classic PC [and online] game).

Following on BioWare’s and Obsidian Entertainment’s multiplayer online game (“MOG”) format, Neverwinter will also feature an excellent online player driven, player created, gameworlds or more accurately known as “persistent world” (“PW”).

The game will put heavy emphasis on persistent worlds, a change from the previous two games. The tool is known as Forge (a fitting name), a content generation system that is even more user-friendly than its predecessors.

Neverwinter revolves around the new trilogy book being written by R.A. Salvatore the: “Neverwinter” trilogy. The first book was released on October 5th entitled Gauntlgrym. Gauntlgrym introduces Salvatore’s signature character, Drizzt Do’Urden, to the renowned city of Neverwinter, in D&D’s current timeline – the 4th edition.

This game is also a multi-platform game. No, I’m not talking about Windows, Linux, and Mac but rather the PC game set to release in Q4 2011; Neverwinter RPG; and a Neverwinter board game. Of course, a lot (more than half if I will take a guess) of Neverwinter fans are hoping for a release of a GNU/Linux client. Which BioWare and Obsidian Entertainment has provided shortly after the Windows version was released.

So yes, it is a multiplayer online game but no, not massively as most gamers know. For the fans of Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2, the persistent world system is nothing new. I believe we are all sighing with relief that Crpytic’s Neverwinter will stick to a tried and tested game format introduced by BioWare and continued by Obsidian Entertainment.

Visit the official website at:; or follow their official Twitter @NeverwinterGame and Facebook Fan Page.

Easter egg: If you visit the current version of the Neverwinter website and Right-Click > View Image the logo, the file was named: NNO. NNO as in Neverwinter Nights Online? You know the answer if you did not skip the article above.

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