NCsoft Acquires Game Developer Ntreev Soft


Ntreev Soft

Pangya and Alicia game developer Ntreev Soft was acquired by NCsoft today, after seven months of negotiation with SK Telecom, for U$96.7 million.

Follow up:

Pangya is a casual online golf simulation game developed by Ntreev Soft released on 2004. It is currently being enjoyed by players worldwide through various publishers like SG Interactive for the Global servers, Gamepot Inc. for the Japan servers, ini3 in Thailand, and Gametree in Korea.

The story of my horse and me, Alicia or simply Alicia online is another game developed by Ntreev Soft. If Pangya is a golf online game, Alicia is a horse racing online game.

Another game by Ntreev is Trickster Online, a 2D isometric online game being published around the world by publishers like Gamigo, ChineseGamer, NetMarble, and SG Interactive to mention a few.

NCsoft and Ntreev soft plans on publishing three new games in Korea this year – POwer Rangers Online, Snail GamesAge of Wushu, and Free/Libre Open-Source Software (“FLOSS/FOSS”) game developer S2 GamesHeroes of Newerth. The company also said that Alicia is heading to Japan this year as well.

NCsoft develops and publishes the popular MMORPGs like Lineage, Lineage II, City of Heroes, City of Villains, Guild Wars, and Aion. They will be launching the most anticipated MMORPG soon – Guild Wars 2, developed by ArenaNet.

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