Guild Wars Timeline

Guild Wars Timeline
Moulevian Canthan Elonan Tyria Cantha Elona
10,000 BE Early Pre-Imperial Era
(9,490 PIE)
(9,800 PDR) Last Sign of Giganticus Lupicus – the great/true giants – walking on Planet Tyria (best guess).
1,769 BE Middle Pre-Imperial Era
(1,259 PIE)
(1,569 PDR) The Forgotten/Serpents arrived in Planet Tyria.
786 BE Late Pre-Imperial Era
(275 PIE)
(586 PDR) Humans appear in the Continent of Cantha for the first time and settle the Northern coastline before spreading completely across the continent.
Their development is unhindered by the Forgotten.
510 BE 0 CC (310 PDR) Canthan clans unite under Kaineng Tah, first Lord Emperor of the Dragon.
464 BE 46 CC (264 PDR) Lord Emperor Kaineng Tah dies under mysterious circumstances.
462 BE 48 CC (262 PDR) Luxons formally secede from the Empire, become vassal clan.
459 BE 51 CC (259 PDR) Kurzicks declare independence from the Empire of the Dragon, become vassal clan.
205 BE 305 CC 5 PDR Humans appear on the Continent of Tyria. Humans appear on the islands of Istan, in the valley of Elona.
(200 BE) (310 CC) 0 DR First of the Primeval Kings rules Elona from the city of Fahranur in Istan.
Start of Dynastic Reckoning (DR).
(175 BE) (335 CC) 25 DR Margonite settlements appear along the coastlines North and West of Elona. Margonite vessels rules the Unending Ocean.
100 BE 410 CC (100 DR) High-planes Human settlements become known as the “Kingdom of Ascalon”.
Ascalon’s new king received first Empire of the Dragon ambassador.
1 BE 509 CC 199 DR Gods give magic to the races of Planet Tyria.
Year 0 510 CC 200 DR The gods separated magic (Bloodstones) into four school of magic to control it: Preservation, Destruction, Aggression, and Denial.
The Crystal Desert is formed and the Desolation created.
Margonite civilization collapses.
The gods leave Planet Tyria.
Orr becomes a colony.
King Doric (ancestor of Prince Rurik) founded Orr as a colony near the City of Arah – the city of the gods.
1 AE 511 CC (201 DR) Prince Chang Hai, a Warrior-Monk, becomes first Ascendant emperor of the Empire of the Dragon.
2 AE (512 CC) (202 DR) Orr becomes an independent nation.
(29 AE) (539 CC) 229 DR Primeval Kings spread their rule into Vabbi and the Desolation, and beging to bury their dead rulers in Tombs in the Crystal Desert.
174 AE 684 CC 374 DR Serpents (The Forgotten) leave the world of men, settling in the Crystal Desert.
221 AE 731 CC 421 DR The Empire of the Dragon begins trading with the Kingdom of Ascalon and the Dynasty of Elona, and the Northern areas.
272 AE (782 CC) 472 DR Glint compiles the Flameseeker Prophecies.
300 AE (810 CC) (500 DR) Kryta becomes a colony.
(324 AE) (834 CC) 524 DR First mention of organized Corsair activities in the Dynasty record.
Monument building common in Istan and Kourna.
358 AE (868 CC) (558 DR) Kryta becomes an independent nation.
(452 AE) (962 CC) 652 DR Scarab Plague sweeps through Elona, decimates the population, and wipes out the Royal House. Istan abandoned.
End of the Primeval Kings.
(456 AE) (966 CC) 656 DR End of the Plague Years.
Admun Kolos takes the throne, founding the Great Dynasty.
(520 AE) (1030 CC) 720 DR First new settlements in the Istan Islands.
(583 AE) (1093 CC) 783 DR Collapse of the Great Dynasty.
Start of the Pretender Wars and the Shattered Dynasty Era.
(640 AE) (1150 CC) 840 DR Last of the Shattered Dynasties collapse.
Elona emerges as three allied provinces – Kourna, Istan and Vabbi.
(712 AE) (1222 CC) 912 DR First of the Great Corsair Wars.
(757 AE) (1267 CC) 957 DR Palawa Joko builds his Bone Palace in the Desolation.
851 AE (1361 CC) 1051 DR Lord Odran becomes the first mortal to enter the Rift.
857 AE (1367 CC) 1057 DR Lord Odran may have been killed by the spirits sometime this year (best guess).
860 AE (1370 CC) 1060 DR Nolani is founded. Palawa Joko invades Elona, captures most of the Northern Province, earns the sobriquet “Scourge of Vabbi”.
(862 AE) (1372 CC) 1062 DR Turai Ossa defeats Palawa Joko at the Battle of Jahai.
(868 AE) (1378 CC) 1068 DR Turai Ossa leads the Great Pilgrimage into the Crystal Desert.
872 AE 1382 CC (1072 DR) Shiro Tagachi slain in the Harvest Temple of the Empire of the Dragon after killing the 27th Emperor – Emperor Angsiyan.
The bloodline is unbroken when his son Hanjai (Kisu’s great-great grandfather) ascends to the throne.
They remember this day also as the “Day of the Jade Wind”.
The odds between the Luxons and the Kurzicks started.
(874 AE) (1384 CC) 1074 DR Istan and Vabbi restore their clanmarshals.
Kourna retains warmarshal, Kunai Ossa. While Kunai Ossa refuses the Dynastic Crown, all warmarshals of Kourna are from the Ossa clan.
898 AE (1408 CC) (1098 DR) Great Northern Wall is erected.
(899 AE) (1409 CC) 1099 DR Great Fortress of Jahai established at the Grand Cataract.
(900 AE) (1410 CC) 1100 DR Successful merchant Amaki Voss established herself as the clanmarshal for life of the city of Makuun, becoming the first “Prince” of Vabbi.
902 AE 1412 CC (1102 DR) Long-standing trade agreements between the Tyrian Kingdoms and the Empire of the Dragon dissolved by imperial decree.
940 AE 1450 CC 1140 DR The Empire of the Dragon’s embassy formally closed in Ascalon City (Kingdom of Ascalon) and in Elona. Corsair activity in Elona rises as a result of this.
(982 AE) (1492 CC) 1182 DR Second Great Corsair War begins.
1013 AE 1523 CC 1213 DR The 1st Guild Wars begin.
(1016 AE) (1526 CC) 1216 DR Second Great Corsair War ends with Spearmarshal Maloha’s defeat of Lady Glaive’s Armada.
Istan established as maritime power.
1017 AE 1527 CC (1217 DR) The Luxons and Kurzicks of the Continent of Cantha end formal diplomatic contact, communicating with each other only when required (and almost always through official liaisons of the Celestial Ministry).
1058 AE 1568 CC 1258 DR Kintah dies and is succeeded by his son Kisu, who becomes the 31st Empire of the Dragon Emperor.
1070 AE 1580 CC 1270 DR Saul D’Alessio returned to the Kingdom of Kryta and founded the White Mantle while Kryta is facing the guilds from the Kingdoms of Ascalon and Orr, and the Charr.
The end of the 1st Guid Wars.
Charr invade Human Kingdoms.
The Searing.
The Cataclysm.
1071 AE 1581 CC (1271 DR) Resurgent trade between the Empire of the Dragon and the devastated Tyrian Kingdoms formalized in the “Second Treaty of Lion’s Arch”.
Bay of Sirens renamed Sea of Sorrows after upswing in the shipwrecks.
1072 AE 1582 CC 1272 DR Present Day for Guild Wars Prophecies (Campaign 1) and Guild Wars Factions (Campaign 2)
Master Togo summons Mhenlo to the Continent of Cantha in the Empire of the Dragon.
The Lich King attempts to open the Door of Komalie. Shiro unleashes the plague on Cantha.
bet. 1072 AE and 1075 AE bet. 1582 CC and 1585 CC bet. 1272 DR and 1275 DR The events of Guild Wars Prophecies (Campaign 1) and Guild Wars Factions (Campaign 2) transpired. (subject to change)
(1075 AE) (1585 CC) 1275 DR Present Day for Guild Wars Nightfall (Campaign 3).
Moulevian Canthan Elonan Tyria Cantha Elona
* Dates enclosed in ( ) are not recorded in the manuscripts and/or is not a global event.
* Elona manuscript timeline provided by Hitokori Battousai.
This timeline table is ONLY the 3rd Draft. There will be more data. Other data will be supported by the manuscript or in-game texts. Please bear with me as I compile and analyze the events in Guild Wars and finish this mini-site. Explanations to questionable data will be provided, please be patient. All Things Copyrighted to ArenaNet.