Guild Wars Campaign 3: Nightfall

ArenaNet said they are going to release new stand-alone expansion every 6 months. Pretty fast to most and will question the content and quality of the game. But ArenaNet have a whole group of developers, content experts, quality assurance team dedicated to each campaign (or chapter if you will) 6-months to a year before their target release and that gives each campaign a year or a year and a half of development, that’s reasonable already.

And with the hype with the first stand-alone expansion entitled Campaign 2: Factions, with an Asian theme continent, what’s next? A North African theme continent and it is confirmed, as well as a possible two new professions. Now what’s Campaign 3’s title? That we do not know yet, but rumor has it that it will be “Nightfall“.

Follow up:

Gamers are fast, and ArenaNet knows about it so they registered trademarks and domain names weeks before launching Campaign 2: Factions. This happened before too, with World of Warcraft’s expansion “The Burning Crusade“. So could it be that it really is Nightfall?

Domain names: and shows in the whois that it has been registered by NCsoft, Inc. – Austin.

And in the USA trademark offices, also shows NCsoft registering Guild Wars: Nightfall. There are other gamer posts showing that NCsoft Korea registering trademarks for the said name.

With all these, it is up to the fans to decide if it is real or not. Until an official statement is released, all these are but rumors. I can’t remember what game was it but they changed the title even after spending some money registering for trademarks and domain names around the world. So in the end, they might change the Campaign 3’s title and it won’t be “Nightfall” at all.

You decide.

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