Guild Wars Beyond: A Call to those with the Gift of True Sight

Princess Salma, the rightful ruler of Kryta and it’s territorial jurisdiction has raised a call to all and everyone who have the gift of True Sight that the White Mantle knights so dearly wanted to get all killed. The war against the unseen gods – the Mursaat themselves – will now be taken directly against them.

Update – Thursday, June 3, 2010

News has reached Lion’s Arch that the Mursaat themselves are now exerting some measure of control over White Mantle operations. Based on this information, Princess Salma is seeking the assistance of those who’ve earned the gift of True Sight. The chance to take direct action against the White Mantle’s false gods is one the Shining Blade cannot let pass.

Hopefully this will bring a fatal blow to the White Mantle operations and the Mursaats. Rise up heroes of Kryta and Ascalon, take up the call to arms! Go visit Princess Salma at the Lion’s Arch Keep to receive your sacred quest in ending the White Mantle and the Mursaat threat once-and-for-all!!

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