Guild Wars 2 Guild System 101

ArenaNet’s Guild Wars 2 is launching this Saturday, 25th of August 2012 for those who pre-purchased the game in full, and on Tuesday, 28th of August 2012 for the everyone. But there are things to remember if you are a guild leader or a guild officer, here are the things you need to know and plan for.

Follow up:

To most players, Guild Wars 2’s guild system is something new. A system that we have not encountered in other online games before it. Here are the details that are currently known about GW’s guild system.

Guild membership is account-based

This means that, if your character joins a guild, all your other characters are automatically members of the same guild. This is nothing new for Guild Wars 1 players. For new players, do not be confused about it.

Multi-guild system

Guild Wars 2 allows each account to be members of more than one (1) guild at the same time. Currently, there is no known limit to how many guilds you can join. Most traditional guilds and guild leaders will frown upon this system because it sort of eliminated guild loyalty – which is a very important requirement to potential members if the guild has to survive.

But ArenaNet sees guilds more than just guilds, they are communities. Rightly so, because guilds last long (and eventually become a multi-game guild) because they turned themselves into a community. Additionally, in real-life, there are no restrictions to the number of organizations that you want to join, why limit it in-game?

In a multi-guild system, a member can choose to create or join a guild exclusive only to his relatives, or close friends, or office. This member doesn’t have to force his other circles to join a guild or choose between leaving his current guild. He can simply switch via the guild menu in-game to represent a new guild, that brings us to…

Guild representation is character-based

You are a member of multiple guilds but which one of those can you chat with at a given time? The solution to that is guild representation. Remember, guild membership is account-based, but representing a guild is character-based. Your elementalist character can represent your main guild while your engineer character represents your office guild.

By representating, the system will also know which guild to put the “Influence” you earn when finishing missions. Influence is the guild currency used to buy guild upgrades – like say, a guild bank. Only your represented guild will gain from your efforts, all your other guilds will not. In addition to that, you can only chat with your currently represented guild thus giving you some peace and order when guild chatting instead of getting confused as to which guild said what.

Guild chat and roster are cross-server

Meaning, regardless of which home server you choose, you can chat with your guildmates. This is useful if you want to join your family’s guild, or office guild, or you just want to bond with your guildmates from a different game. Combine this with the “guesting” feature, you can even join your family and friends in another server and use their guild chat.

Guild Influence and upgrades are world-bound

As I mentioned earlier, “Influence” is the guild currency that is used to buy guild ugprades. Members who are representing a guild contributed Influence to the guild when they complete missions and other objectives or achievements. However, Influence and upgrades are world-bound. It is locked to the server version of the guild where the member’s home world is.

To explain it more clearly consider the following:

  • Alpha and Beta are members of the guild AOI
  • Alpha’s home server is Isle of Janthir (“IoJ”)
  • Beta’s home server is Sea of Sorrows (“SoS”)
  • Both Alpha and Beta earned Influence for the guild
  • Alpha’s Influence goes to AOI in IoJ because her home server is Isle of Janthir
  • Beta’s Influence goes to AOI in SoS because his home server is Sea of Sorrows

Here’s another:

  • If AOI in IoJ already have a guild bank or storage because Alpha bought the upgrade
  • AOI in SoS will not be able to use that guild bank upgrade, only those members who are in IoJ can

Influence that members earn goes to the guild version/instance of the member’s home server. Upgrades bought by a guild can only be used by members who are in the same server as where the upgrade was bought. That is how the system is currently. There are things that are not yet clear, and these are:

  1. Is the guild member limit upgrade cross-server or world-bound? If it is world-bound, then a single guild can become a super guild because each server instance/version of that guild can have up to 500 members each if they buy the upgrades. What effects will it have in PvP and WvW? However, if it is cross-server, then a single guild can only have up to 500 members regardless of where/which server the upgrade was bought.
  2. What does ANet mean by “guild roster” being cross-server? The member list only? Or does it include the guild member limit upgrades?
  3. How does guesting affects Influence earned? If a member of the guild guests on another server, will his/her influence go to his/her guild’s instance/version on that server? Or does it go back to his/her home server?

And you probably have other questions too. Regardless, we need to work and base our guild decisions on the information that we have right now. It is clear from all of it that having all your members rolling on the same home server is very, very, very important. Otherwise, the Influence that they will earn will go on your guild’s instance or version in your members’ respective home server.

Bonus Influence

Last but definitely not the least, guilds gain a bonus influence from new “character” representations, and only if it was the first guild a character represented. If you want to maximize this (and you should), tell your members to not join any guilds before they join yours because once they accept a guild invite, they automatically represent that guild.

Next, tell your members to create other characters (each account can create up to 5 characters for free). These characters, when they first go in-game, they are not representing any guild. So before they represent their family’s, friends’, or office’s guild, they should represent your guild first. Otherwise, the bonus influence will go to the first guild represented by the new character.

Each character can only give bonus influence once, and it goes to the first guild that the character represents.

Here ends my GW2 guild system 101. See you in-game this Saturday!

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