Get Ready for the Chaos Online SEA Championships!

Asiasoft’s Chaos Online SEA is hosting a region-wide tournament in five countries from today to December 2013! With U$10,000 total prizes to be given away each month! It is the much awaited Chaos Online SEA Championship!

Follow up:

Here are the details of the tournament:

  • When: From August to December 2013
    • Country Qualifier Rounds: every 3rd week of Saturday
    • Regional Monthly Finals: every 4th weekend of the month
  • Who: MOBA players in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and VietNam
  • How:
    • Players from each country will battle it out 5-vs-5 Single Elimination, to be their country’s representative in the country qualifier round.
    • Each country’s winner will compete in the Regional Finals arena in a 5-vs-5 Round Robin format.

  • Per Country, Qualifier Round every month have an allotted:
    • Champion: U$400
    • 2nd Place: U$300
    • 3rd Place: U$200
    • 4th Place: U$100
  • Regional Finals Prizes per month winners will receive:
    • Champion: U$3,000
    • 2nd Place: U$1,500
    • 3rd Place: U$500

Registration is open only from 18:00 ACT, every 1st Monday to 18:00 ACT every 3rd Monday. Match schedules will be posted at the Chaos Online website and Facebook page.

Qualifier Rounds per country should register in the following web forms:

Get ready, sharpen your brains, and get those reflexes and speed tuned-up for the Chaos Online Monthly SEA Championship will rage the region for five whole months! Be proud, raise the banners of your country! Show them who’s the boss!

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