gameshogun supports #juanvote

This May 10, 2010 Philippines National Election, gameshogun™ is going pure election coverage. As some of you know, this website is a Filipino-owned gaming blog. This coming National Election, it will be the first in our history that we are going to conduct what we call the “Automated Election”.

The #juanvote network is bringing it to the next level by making this election the first in Philippine history where social media users officially covers and makes an effort to watch, report, cover, and spread the news through the use of the different social media channels and technologies available today.

Follow up:

One can say that the #juanvote network is decentralized. It is a network of concerned and responsible citizens who volunteered to give some of their time in covering the news as it happens which (more likely than not) traditional media is/will not (be able to) cover.

You can learn more about #juanvote by visiting the official website at Be sure to bookmark the hashtag #juanvote or this TweetGrid link:

If you are asking “why”, as gamers and as citizens of our respective real-world nations, it is our right as given by our Constitution, to vote and participate in the electoral process. By doing a one-day election-only coverage, it is our hope that gamers and the society will be made aware that gaming is not our only world – that we do care about other things and exercise (and we know) our rights.

After May 10th, all post-election related posts will be posted over at Snow World.

Pray for a successful and clean elections!

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