Do you use BRB, BBL, LOL, in Verbal Conversation?

When having a verbal conversation In-Real-Life (IRL), do you unconsciously use internet and gaming acronyms like:

Follow up:

BRB – Be Right Back
BBL – Be Back Later
GTG – Got to Go
LOL – Laughs/Laughing Out Loud
ROFL – Rolls-On-Floor-Laughing
IMHO – In-My-Humble-Opinion
AOE – Area-Of-Effect

Or maybe you saw your kid or your students or a friend, a colleague, wrote in a paper using the SMS language and the acronyms above or writing in 7331 speak like n00b for example?

I did saw, hear, talked, read, and I do sometimes use them (except 7331 speak, I hate it, [b]IT IS NOT THE COMPUTER’S LANGUAGE!![/b]), that when other people use it in verbal communication IRL, I don’t notice it anymore.

Check this one for a written example: pro-n00b.

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