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Developing the Standard Way

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What you are missing with your browser

Do you know that you are missing a lot with your current browser? Take a loot at this screenshot taken from this game review: The screenshot above was produced by a browser, it wasn't done by any image editing tool like GIMP. It is natur… more » Tags: , , ,

Show Full Post Content on Your b2evolution Feeds

Found the instructions on the item class file for this. Follow the simple and few steps to make your b2evolution RDF/RSS.92/RSS1/RSS2/Atom1.0 feeds show the full content of your post. Why you should do that? Most feed readers subscribe because they… more »

Web Standards Philippines

Finally someone took the job to establish a group for the Philippines to be "web standard" compliant. With the sudden influx of Pinoy sites (thanks to blogging), many Pinoys are venturing into "website" creation, but most learned from the not-so-good re… more »

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