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Emerald and Midnight Themes for b2evoltuion v2.2-beta is now available for download!

Same links:
Emerald for b2evolution v2.2
Midnight for b2evolution v2.2

Both in Zip format. Compressed with 7-Zip.

Special Note:
As b2evolution v2.x is still in beta phase, there were many changes in the Skins 2.0 system. With this, I am also coinciding the changes for the themes I handle, for this release, you will have to move (if you know how to edit your MySQL DataBase) or re-create the widgets, as the “container” names changed.

Here are the changes:

  • BarRight-Left is now BarRight-02
  • BarRight-Right is now BarRight-01
  • BarRight is now BarRight-01 (for single right sidebar designs)
  • BarBottomLeft-Left is now BarBottom-01
  • BarBottomLeft-Right is now BarBottom-02
  • BarBottomRight-Left is now BarBottom-03
  • BarBottomRight-Right is now BarBottom-04

These changes are not yet final. So please pardon me if you will have to move or re-create your widgets again and in the future.

Thank you very much and enjoy!!

Download the latest version of b2evolution here.

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