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The website for the subdomain is now well live – sort of. There is nothing there but a ‘beta’ logo of “Windows Live Shopping” with a Coming Soon below it.

Speaking of “Live”, call it the “Live-trend” or “Live-revolution” (nah, ignore the revolution), if only Microsoft can own the copyright for the word ‘Live’ they can sue countless of companies copying their new strategy (if I’m not mistaken you can trademark a ’strategy’).

Just look at LU! Live (though it’s LIVE ‘offline’) and another Philippine company will soon launched their own “LIVE” gimmick.

What’s with Live anyway? Well for sure Live = eviL ;) *hint hint* But of course it’s a marketing gimmick or strategy but it isn’t right to copy someone else’s brand strategy… the “LIVE-trend”.. no time to list down all the “(Microsoft) Live” clones.

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