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Nike and Google will soon launch a new social-networking service or SNS dedicated to football fans. According to Nike, they will handle the SNS website while Google takes care of the log-in feature, connected to Google Accounts.

Google already have an SNS called Orkut which was used to be an invite-only SNS, Orkut however did not gain popularity in major countries where MySpace and Friendster are currently well known, even with the different services of Google with varied popularity levels, Orkut is a failure (perhaps because ‘Orkut’ do not sounds like ‘Google’). is currently an invite-only SNS, if you know a friend who’s in then you can ask for an invite. But remember, SNS is for football fans, not for ‘general-socializing’ online (or offline, depending on how you view it). Service is currently limited to a few countries but Nike said they will open the service worldwide as development progresses.

Visit the official website at:

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