Vindictus Transformation Stage 2 Arrives

Today’s new content patch not only comes with a new hero named “Karok” but the much awaited Transformation Stage 2 for both Paladins and Dark Knights. This new patch balances the Pally/DK transformation by splitting up the talent tree into two stages.

Skill Patch 1 centres on Stage One, and Skill Path 2 centres on Stage Two transformation. Here are the summary of changes so you will not be surprised once you login to the game.

Follow up:

  • 25% weaker than the pre-update version
  • Can be activated anytime once-per-hour, there is no need for 10 AP and full SP bar
  • Health Mastery skill now up to Skill Rank 3 only
  • Attack now up to Level 3 only
  • Revelation: Fatigue and Revelation: Potential now up to 3 levels only
  • As usual, limited to 2 minutes transformation only

  • 50% stronger than the pre-update version
  • New look, new transformation animation
  • Requires 10 AP and 2 full SP bars to activate
  • Requires Stage One Transformation
  • Requires at least 10 Skill Points used in Stage One Skill Tree
  • New Paladin Skill: Convinction – an aura surrounds the Paladin, damaging enemies around him or her while absorbing damage done to the character
  • New Dark Knight Skill: Fissure – the Dark Knight summons a gigantic spike from the earth that strikes their enemies
  • Up to 1 minute only
    • If activated during the first minute of Stage One, the whole transformation will still last 1 full minute. Example: If Stage One still has 1 minute and 30 seconds left when Stage Two is activated, the whole transformation will only have 1 minute, not 1 minute and 26 seconds.
    • If activated during the last minute of Stage One, the whole transformation will only last whatever is remaining from Stage One’s 2 minutes. Example: Stage One only have 50 seconds left, once Stage Two is activated, there will be only 46 seconds left (Stage Two animation takes 4 secs).

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