Vindictus patch 1.28 is now Live!

What Lies Beneath” patch 1.28 of Vindictus North America?

  • The Second Oracle
  • New raid boss: Thor
  • New skills!
  • Three (3) new armour sets!
  • Town campfire effects
  • New cash shop items!

Follow up:

The stench of filth lies heavy in the air. One does not think of what these sewer paths are filled with, they are too dangerous. Around every corner you’ll find contraptions meant to kill you. Nothing will stand in your way though, because the Goddess demands you find her!

in-depth story here.

The lizardmen whisper of a new god in the depths of the sewers. God or not, the creature known as Thor, must be destroyed!

Fomor enemies have underestimated your skills before. As time goes on though, the enemy learns and become ever more powerful. You will need to strike back with new skills! They will struggle, they will be bewildered, and they will soon fall before you.

You stand before your enemy. They seek to use their enormous bulk to intimidate you. You, on the other hand, have the best new armor and weapons forged by human hands. They shall rue their arrogance this day!

Chiulin Armor


FrostHeart Armor


Ingkara Armor


Sitting by a campfire before launching a boat will now give added buffs to players in dungeons. Please note that the time spent sitting by a campfire will determine the length of the buff. Refer to the chart below for more details.

[Time spent sitting by a campfire] [Duration of buff]
30 seconds 30 minutes
1 minute and 30 seconds 40 minutes
3 minutes 60 minutes

The buffs will also change depending on the time of day. In real world terms, the buff will change at the top of every hour. Each day will also have a special effect assigned it, please refer to the chart below.

  • Sunday: Armor protection increase
  • Monday: Max HP increase
  • Tuesday: Max stamina increase
  • Wednesday: SP gauge increase
  • Thursday: HP recovery increase
  • Friday: ATT increase
  • Saturday: Max DEF increase

* Please note that buffs applied when sitting by a campfire will not always be the ones mentioned above. These buffs will rotate with other buffs throughout the day.

Clodagh’s Dye Ampoule

We are introducing “Clodagh’s Dye Ampoule” into the Supply Depot. This new dye item will allow users to dye their armor and weapons in new ways.

  • 1x = NX1,900
  • 5x = NX7,900

Power Preview Package

The Power Preview Package is an item designed to allow low level users to preview high level armor for a two-day period.

  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Price: NX2,900

The content of the package is:

  • All: 25 Merc Recovery Potion Plus (2 Days)
  • All: +10 Royal Cadet Armor
  • Lann: Serenity+10 (2 Days)
  • Lann: Royal Cadet Heavy Armor+10 set (2 Days)
  • Fiona: Silence+10 (2 Days)
  • Fiona: Royal Cadet Heavy Armor+10 set (2 Days)
  • Evie: Ivory Staff+10 (2 Days)
  • Evie: Royal CAdey Light Armor+10 set (2 Days)

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