[Video] Break Point for Thor

Watch this amazing video to see how and where to get the “Break Off” bonus for the new boss “Thor” in Vindictus. (New boss for the North American server.)

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Follow up:

Quoted from lagerowonder:

The strat that my party used to break his tongue was a 2 Lann 6 Fiona strat.
2 Lanns are for using grappling hooks to force Thor’s mouth open. The reason Lann is preferable for this job is because the best chance to do this is when Thor uses his electrocute attacks in the middle of the map, where there’s no dry land, and Lann can slip dash through the electricity even while standing in the water.
But, it’s been recently revealed that using Fiona’s shield bash’s super armor to withstand the electrocute attack works as well. Still takes damage and overall less conventional than Lann’s slip dash but works nonetheless.

The 6 Fionas use HS to gather SP and once all six of them have full SP bars the Lanns begin to look for a chance to force Thor’s mouth open. Having couple people use feathers or sit far away from Thor to induce a electrocute attack helps.

Once the Lanns succeed in forcing Thor’s mouth open, the Fionas gather in front of him and use shield charge on his tongue. The important thing to remember here is that it is crucial to aim carefully and cancel the shield charge as soon as it hits the tongue. This is because you don’t want to hit his jaws. When you give Thor a certain amount of damage, he flinches and this flinching motion causes grappling hooks attached to him to wear off early.

The teamwork of the Lanns were a bit rusty in the vid so it took a long time to successfuly open Thor’s mouth, but the Fionas [or to be more exact, the Fionas that used shield charge earlier] performed perfectly and we were able to break his tongue in one try. Note that the Fionas on the left side didn’t cancel their shield charge and attacked his jaws as well.

Other strats include all-Lann, 2 Lann 6 Scythe Evie, 2 Lann 5 Fiona 1 Staff Evie, etc
Strats besides the 2 Lann 6 Fiona strat puts a certain object of EP 7 to good use. This object is nicknamed the ‘legendary holy blade of planetary destruction’ due to it’s insane damage

Source: Vindictus] Mabinogi Heroes : Break-Point for Thor [alien tongue :P]

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