Ryzom Official Native Linux Client Now Available!

Remember Ryzom? Or maybe you know them by the name Saga of Ryzom? Six months ago they FLOSS/FOSS‘d their server and client code, and the art assets under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike. (read: Ryzom Embraces Free Software and Creative Commons)

On November 30th, Winch Gate Properties Ltd released an official native Ryzom client for GNU/Linux! To celebrate this another milestone, they are running an in-game contest and giving away a ZaReason Linux Terra-HD Netbook worth $450.

Follow up:

To participate in the contest, players will have to log into the game and find the seven relevant GNU/Linux artifacts hidden throughout Silan, the starting island. Each of the seven artifacts will test a player’s knowledge of Ryzom. The winners will be drawn from the players with the correct answers. Contestants can participate freely in the contest using a free 21-day trial option.

Download the official native Linux client here.

Ryzom Core Community Portal
Ryzome Artistic Assets

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