MechWarrior® Online Launching Free-to-Play 2012

Piranha Games and Infinite Game Publishing announced today that the popular BattleTech® franchise MechWarrior® Online™ is going to be free-to-play and will launch sometime in 2012!

Follow up:

Set in the BattleTech® Universe, in a different timeline, MechWarrior® Online™ will plunge mech pilots into the year 3049 where the world is ravaged by wars – in first-person perspective.

Currently, confirmed Mech designs are Atlas, Hunchback, and Jenner. We can expect more designs to be announced in the coming months, and for sure, mech fans will look forward to seeing their favorite designs come back to life. Of course, MechWarrior won’t be complete without factions, or in BattleTech terminology – the Great Houses. These will serve as the factions pilots have to align themselves with.

Here are some concept art currently available from the official website:

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