Heroes of Newerth Wikipedia Page Vandalized!

Today I visited the Wikipedia entry of Heroes of Newerth to check on some information that I can’t remember. To my surprise, the page for HoN has been vandalized by a League of Legends zealot, calling it as fags-only, lame, and horrible to mention a few.

Follow up:

Upon checking the edit history for the Heroes of Newerth wikipedia entry, it appears that this vandalism has been going on for some time. I did not bother to check each edit but from some of the comments, it is not far-fetch at all to assume that this started because of some edits on the League of Leagends wiki page. See the screenshot below:

Having exposed to different types of gamers for the past fourteen years, a simple matter can blow up to such acts as vandalism. It is even possible that there was no reason behind this activity other than the fact that the gamer is a fanatic of LoL (pun intended).

The League of Legends page was locked down already (months ago in fact) but the Heroes of Newerth is still unlocked. No one loves HoN?

See the rest of the screenshots of the vandalism below, probably by the time you read this it was reverted back already.

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