Heroes of Newerth Free-to-Play for Asean Nations!

Two days ago, the stand-alone online-network game Heroes of Newerth launched globally. However, if you live in Asean, particularly the nations of Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam, you will not be able to buy HoN and play the game.

The answer is simple, S2 Games, one of the top (and popular) game developer company that supports Linux Gaming (and Mac too) partnered with an East Asian company to bring HoN in the region.

Follow up:

note: Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam
(thanks to JLo from Garena for the clarification)

S2 Games licensed their latest game Heroes of Newerth to Garena (f. GG-Game) for publishing in Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam. The beta testing phase will begin sometime at the end of May and Garena Gold Members will get the priority in Beta Keys distribution.

Not only that – brace yourselves my fellow Asean gamers! HoN-Asean by Garena will be completely Free-to-Play!! It only means that, if you saved money to buy a HoN-Global, you can now spend it to buy that latest gadget you’ve been drooling on because accounts will be free-of-charge.

Unfortunately, for gamers in other Asean countries like Indonesia and Thailand (where there are plenty of gamers too) will not be able to login (you should probably start a petition :p). Same goes with all ther non-Asean countries, you have to login to HoN-Global.

So that’s it, glad I have not bought anything yet. But if you pre-purchased HoN from S2 Games before the lock-out, contact Garena at [email protected] with your accoutn name and they will email you with additional details once they close an agreement with the developers regarding this case.

The official website of HoN-Asean is hon.garena.com. All we can do now is wait.

You can read more here: Heroes of Newerth Coming to Garena For Chosen Asian Countries, Completely Free-to-Play!

Thanks to Robert Sanchez for the tip!

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