Garena Answers Questions About Heroes of Newerth

ziE (JLo :p ) answered the burning questions of HoN and Garena fans about the upcoming Heroes of Newerth Garena Beta. Here are some of the questions and answers.

Follow up:

Question from mellimiummark: I still have 3 Beta Keys from my US server account… ca I still Useit?
Garena: Beta Keys from US Server account aren’t the same as the Garena one, so they can’t be used in our servers.

Question from bearpenguin: how about our accounts in HoN? will it be deleted or is it gonna be migrated by Garena? was worried cause I had an account that has the same username on HoN and Garena.
Garena: Unfortunately, we are not able to migrate characters into Garena. You can create new usernames in the Garena HoN server. Usernames in HoN are unique from Garena usernames (meaning ou can have different Hon username than your Garena username)

Question from [yW]-AhMun: Mar,s we need beta key to register? Sorry I’m poor not enought money to afford gold member and I want to have 11 beta keys, 10 for my members, and 1 more my own.
Garena: We know you are all excited to have you and your friends play. But we are unable to give away more keys to people who ask. :) However, our beta testing phase will be short – just to test the stability of the servers. After this, even people w/o gold member can come in and play!

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