First Open-World Real-Time RPG on Facebook Now Online, developed by Supercell, is a free-to-play social role-playing game that runs directly in your browser – no download required. The game has been designed to be played together with friends – including Facebook. And today marks the day when goes final and out of beta!

Follow up: takes place in Dawnbreak City, an artificially created island that is ruled by an evil megacorporation called Labycore. Labycore and its leader, Sid Lovens, attract visitors to the island by promising liberty and opportunity. The harsh reality becomes clear only when you land on the island.

Invite your Facebook friends!

You can invite up to three friends to join you in kicking the bosses of Dawnbreak City. And what’s more, if they are not online, you can sort of borrow their characters by letting an AI (Artificial Intelligence [or bot to be exact]) to play for them, emulating their play style while you, yes you! decide their overall tactics.

Neat eh?

You can start playing by visiting the official Facebook page at:, or if you don’t have FB, play via the official website:

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