Firefall – the Spiritual Successor of Tabula Rasa

I have been playing First-Person Shooter (“FPS”) games for the past two to three months and I am happy that I was able to “catch-up” with today’s FPS speed, now I’m not getting dizzy. Currently active in Nexon’s CombatArms and I want more!

Here comes Red 5 Studios® Firefall®. A sci-fi massively multiplayer online rpg+fps game that takes the best of other games (and their past experiences) and blended it all well in their first product.

Check out the video and other facts and details after the jump…

Follow up:

Awesome video? Yes it is! And I know what you are thinking, it looks like Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft, well, most of the guys at Big 5 Studios were from Blizzard! But it doesn’t end there, I know you screamed “wow, cell-shaded!” Oh yeah, I heard you.

I’m sure you identified Firefall with other games too and before you say “clone, clone, clone” you should stop and think that we will never see new and better games if everyone will try to be “1000% original”. Improvements come from learning from existing games.

Here are some details about the game:

  • Release Date: Sometime end of 2011
  • A Team-Based Action Shooter game
  • Intense competitive multiplayer
  • Large-scale cooperative gameplay
  • Setting: Earth, 2 centuries into the future
  • Business model: Free-to-play including updates and other content
  • Item Shop: “Marketplace” for fans to purchase optional enhancements
  • Persistent Open World
  • Resource Collection missions/objectives
  • Heavily customizable – from abilities, to weapons, to your characters
  • Awesome combat effects and system
  • Dynamic World Events

Finally, beta sign-ups are on-going. Just join their community by clicking here.

Visit the official website at:

I can’t wait for this one! Tabula Rasa Firefall for the win!!

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