Fallen Earth Goes Free-to-Play!

The 12th of October 2011 Fallen Earth, a post-apocalyptic sandbox MMORPG, will add a Free-to-Play option for players who wish to play the game without spending a dime. In addition, the team created three (3) Premium subscription options current subscribers can choose from.

These four (4) new subscription options will be available after the regular maintenance on October 12th. You can find more details after the jump…

Follow up:

Here is the matrix of the coming free-to-play model of Fallen Earth

Fallen Earth - Free-to-Play Matrix

* Finalized but still subject to balance tweaks. Veteran pricing on Commander Premium Subscription is intended to be discounted, details of which are coming soon.


This is a free acount, the default starting level for all new accounts. This is for those who are new to Fallen earth, or returning players that aren’t sure what to expect. You’ll have access to 100% of the game content from level 1 to max level. The efficiency at which you advance is not quite comparable to subscribed players, there is a limit to how many hours per day you can spend crafting, and how many chips you can have (this is to limit gold farmer impact, and goes away if you ever subscribe or buy anything, which essentially just “validates” your account). You do receive Reward Points each month, which you can take straight to the Reward Points merchants and spend right away, or save up for something bigger. Your primary reasons to purchase a Premium subscription will be to maximize your rate of advancement, to get unlimited crafting time, more character slots and reward points, and because you want to show support for Fallen Earth’s continued development :)


The entry level Premium Subscription, Survivalist, is directly analogous to the game current subscribers are playing in terms of Reward Points and rates of advancement (except for the addition of a 5% marketplace discount), but costs $9.99 – $5.00 less than the current subscription. You probably want to go Survivalist if you’re into playing Fallen Earth enough to want to remove the minor restrictions to which “Scanvenger” accounts are subject, and don’t mind playing at the current default advancement rates. Your biggest reason to upgrade is that you want to improve all of the aforementioned gain rates plus you want a bit more Reward Points to spend at the Reward Merchants (which isn’t a bad idea, as we’re adding more stuff to them all the time).


This costs $14.99 – the same as a current subscription – and provides dramatic increases [to] your harvesting and crafting speed, as well as the rates of gain of EXP, AP, Death Toll, and faction. You want to go with Wastelander if you’re a current player who understandands the game and wants to benefit from the efficiency increases this Premium subscription provides. If you’re truly a solo player, this is all you need – it comes with a 15% discount in the Marketplace and 300 Reward Points (versus the current 100 Reward Points you already get with a subscription). Note: If you have an existing subscription, it will transition to Wastelander without your having to do anything.


The Commander Premium Subscription is what you’ll want if you’re someone whom others look up to as a leader. While it is in most respects similar to Wastelander, the key difference here is that this package includes the Commander aura, a stackable buff that increases salvaging speed, EXP, Random AP, Death Toll, and Faction gain rates for all players in the Commander’s group. It also includes a massive 500 Reward Points. You probably want to go Commander if you have friends that you want to help out with your aura, and/or you plan on buying a lot of items from the Reward Shop (which includes marketplace items as well).

For more information, visit the official announcement: Fallen Earth goes Free2Play October 12th!

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