Dragon Nest Open Beta Is Now Live

The much awaited open beta period of Nexon America’s Dragon Nest is now live, which will run from July 26, 2011 to August 9, 2011. If you were a closed-beta player before, this OBT will introduce you to tons of new content, gameplay updates, and new surprises…

Of course what is a beta phase without events and rewards?

Follow up:

  • Level Cap raised to 24
  • First Level Class Specialization now available for all classes starting at level 15
    • Archer
      • Sharpshooter’/>
        Archer > Sharpshooter

        Sharpshooters are masters of the longbow and crossbow and have the longest range and the strongest ranged attack power.

    • Cleric
      • Priest’/>
        Cleric > Priest

        Priests use wands to attack, but are primarily healers.

    • Sorceress
      • Mystic’/>
        Sorceress > Mystic

        Mystics are ranged damage dealers that can use a grimoire – or crystal orb -of a doll to cast powerful AOE spells. They have various dodge spells to offset their low defense.

    • Warrior
      • Swordsman’/>
        Warrior > Swordsman

        Swordsmen use great swords and have high attack and movement speed. They are capable of casting long strings of non-stop combos.

  • Marketplace now available
  • The guild system is now active. Characters must be at least level 9 and must pay 1 gold piece.
  • NPC Friendship system now activated, which also enables the Faction system
  • Dragon Vault – Dragon Nest’s Item Mall
  • Empowerment system – gives players 800 empowerment points every 4:00am Pacific Time
  • Pro Bonus – when one of your character hits the level cap (level 24 in Open Beta), any remaining characters below the level cap will receive a bonus to earned experience points. The bonus experience granted goes up as more characters hit the level cap.

And if you played during the closed beta period and you satisfied the requirements for the “Closed Beta Pioneer” title (must reach level 15 and logged-in at least 4 days during CBT), the “Pioneer” title will be given in an upcoming scheduled maintenance.

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