(Update) Dragon Nest – North America Closed Beta on June 15

Thousands of players have applied for a spot on the upcoming Dragon Nest North America Closed Beta… many have waited patiently… some have already given up. But the day has come to know if you will be playing this June’s closed beta launch.

Simply visit and login at the official website: Dragon Nest Nexon and click on Check Your Closed Beta Status at the upper left corner of the website. And if you got a spot, this is what you will see:

Follow up:

But if you were unlucky, this is what will pop-up:

Closed Beta commences on June 15 and will last up to the 20th. So get ready, read up, start downloading! (Oh wait, client download is not yet available :p )

Update 06/15/2011:
Closed Beta Test schedule for Dragon Nest North America is as follows:
WED, June 15: 12 PM ~ 6 PM (PDT)
THU, June 16: 12 PM ~ 6 PM (PDT)
FRI, June 17: 12 PM ~ 11:59 PM (PDT)
SAT, June 18: 12 AM ~ 11:59 PM (PDT)
SUN, June 19: 12 AM ~ 11:59 PM (PDT)
MON, June 20: 12 AM ~ 12 PM (PDT)

If you are from the Asean region, below is the schedule based on the Asean Common Time which is UTC+0800H.
THU, June 16: 3am ~ 9am (ACT)
FRI, June 17: 3am ~ 9am (ACT)
SAT, June 18: 3am ~ 2:59pm (ACT)
SAT, June 18: 3pm ~ SUN, June 19: 2:59pm (ACT)
SUN, June 19: 3pm ~ MON, June 20: 2:59pm (ACT)
MON, June 20: 3pm ~ TUE, June 21: 3:00am (ACT)

Good luck and see you in-game!!

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