Carian SNRPG Goes Open Beta

Now that CARIAN’s Facebook version had finished its 10-day Closed Beta Testing last October 7 – 17, its CARIAN Beta will begin service to the public beginning October 28, 2011. New features were added catering to the Facebook functions that many players are used to such as Invite Friend, Mailing System, Sending Gift among others and Carian’s Item Shop will be available using Facebook Credits.

CARIAN’s Beta will be a month-long service, giving players more time to explore Carian’s various contents. With over 200 Quests, more than 1,000 monsters and items for players to select, and a huge map for Carian Adventurers to explore and collect various pets to train and aid them in their adventures.

Follow up:

BAG Entertainment Co., Ltd. who services CARIAN, with strong marketing support from partner Bungalo Interactive Co., Ltd. is currently pioneering its development and service in various fields in the Online Gaming Industry, including Social Networking Games.

The month-long beta will begin on the 28th of October 2011. Simply type “Carian” in the search box in Facebook to start your adventure into the continent of Eupa.

Official CARIAN Facebook URL:

You can also check out other games (CARIAN Global and B.O.D.) by BAG Entertainment’s Official Online Gaming Portal,

CARIAN Beta Service schedule: October 28 – November 27.
Time: 1:00am (GMT-7) / 4:00am (GMT-4) / 4:00pm (ACT)5:00pm (GMT+9)

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