YM Blocks .com

Today, I just noticed that Yahoo! Messenger or YM! is blocking all mass messages with instances of .com that are not included in their “allowed URLs list” – wherever that list is stored. This may be their new solution to the growing problem of viruses spreading that takes advantage of an opened YM, that sends URLs or links that leads to pornographic sites. The second most common links lead to sites that will download the same virus to the victim, while the third, data-farming.

Follow up:

Now this is annoying if you really need to send an legitimate mass message containing the format – .com, for example, I found out this new filtering of Yahoo! Messenger while trying to mass message business contacts about a domain name, trademark, and site I am going to open up for bidding, now I have to do modifications to my message, lessening the number of people who will know the URL of the said site (yes, I know people who don’t understand this format – domain dot com).

However, .net, .org, .ws, .info, .travel, .biz, .us, .tk, .name, and other popular TLD and country domains are still possible to be typed normally for mass messaging. Either YM implements their .com “allowed list” for the other domain names before the virus-spammers starts using these domains or they will wait until a new wave of YM virus-spamming hits their popular messaging software.

One thing, give the consumers the option to filter our messages instead of doing it server-side.

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