Yahoo! Sign-In Seal

I logged-in today at Yahoo! and noticed a new feature of their Sign-In Page – the Yahoo! Sign-In Seal.

What it does is to setup each computer to have a custom Yahoo! Sign-In Page “Seal” that will help Yahoo! users identify if the Yahoo! Sign-In Page opened in that specific computer is the legitimate sign-in page for Yahoo!

This is obviously in answer to the many fake sign-in pages for Yahoo! spreading in the internet and well ironically from Yahoo!’s very own Instant Messenger – Yahoo! Messenger. People who are not security-conscious and people who are easily tricked to click a URL simply because it came from their trusted IM/Messenger contact now have no reason to be – well ‘tricked’. If they still fall to the phishing sites for Yahoo! then they are really dumb and very stupid already.

Anyway, setup your computers now, especially those with Internet Cafes. Help your customers! Don’t just milk their money you iCafes!! (just kidding)

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