Windows Live Messenger Reward

Beta testers of Windows Live Messenger (formerly known as MSN Messenger) gets a reward from the WLMessenger team – an exclusive WLMessenger theme.

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Follow up:

To show our appreciation, we’ve created an exclusive Messenger® theme pack that we’re sending to you and the other Beta testers who’ve helped us so much. This free Kung Fu Bunny theme pack for Messenger, complete with dynamic display pictures, Messenger backgrounds, and a wink, is a token of our thanks.

Why a rabbit skilled in the martial arts? We could tell you it’s because you’re a bug-busting samurai of the beta-testing world but, really, it’s just because he made us laugh. We hope you have fun with him too.

If you are one of the WLMessenger Beta Tester, then check your email for the link. Get it now as “you’ll only be able to download this free Messenger theme pack for the next 30 days“.

Here’s how it looks like:

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