Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger Interoperability – Beta Test

Yahoo, Inc. and Microsoft Corp. announced Wednesday that they started a limited public test for the awaited Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger) interoperability which was first announced last October 2005. A new version of the Yahoo! Messenger client is downloadable at the official website while Windows Live Messenger is at the Windows Live Ideas site. Both requires beta registration and the download begins.

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Follow up:

To add a YM user via WLMessenger, simply add

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To add a WLMessenger user via YM, simply add wlm/MSN-username@domainname (can be,, or, and inter-messaging can begin.

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Both companies said they are going to refine, make adjustments, and tweak it to further improve the interoperability. They are also looking into ways to allow both users of their IM services to send SMS to each other as well as other features like file-sharing and making calls.

In related news, AOL signed a deal with Google last December to open up their networks to each other which will enable AIM users and Google Talk to send instant messages to each other. No further details have been announced since then. Personally, AOL should link AIM and ICQ first.

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