When social networking services turns baad, real bad..

Schools in the United States (US) are cracking down MySpace, a popular teen (and adult) website that offer people easy access to blogging, profile sharing, meet-ups, and what not.

“There’s a lot of personal information and things like that on MySpace.com – a bit more than I’m comfortable with,” said James Murphy, assistant director of technology for the public schools in Coventry, Rhode Island.

A blizzard of news headlines in national media have raised alarm with parents and school authorities – from “Man arrested in MySpace.com teen-sex case” to “Sex predators are stalking MySpace; is your teenager a target?” and “Space Invaders.”

This move will affect not only MySpace but a lot other SNS or Social Networking Services. SNS only entered the Western world but it has been here in Asia for years and as it enters more markets (like the Philippines), the question is now hanging, “how to educate youngsters about the safety of SNS?”

Read more about it here: Reuters: Schools cracking down on teen Web site MySpace.

Schools cracking down on teen Web site MySpace

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