Web-based Messengers

Web-based Messengers. If you are working in a company where they blocked the use of messengers from your network either the desktop-client or the Java versions, then these services are for you.

Follow up:

gtalkr is a service providing a web-based version for gtalk, Google’s Instant Messenger, outside of gmail. gtalkr also provides a simple online desktop for those who are using their services, but there are no known plans or rumours if they will every enter the ODS (“Online Desktop Service”) space. You can also check you gmail in gtalkr, uses AJAX thus things get updated when there are for example new emails in your gmail. gtalkr is not affiliated with Google.
Visit and try:

e-Messenger which I featured on February 23, 2006 ( Web-Based Messaging for Everyone ) is one of the centralized web-based messeging service using the latest technologies the internet has to offer. They are currently testing an AJAX version for MSN Messenger.
Visit and try: e-Messenger.

Meebo is a popular centralized web-based instant messenger service to date. Major new feature of Meebo is the ability to have all major IMs online with one sign-in. Simply, input your IM ID and password to each messenger boxes and then click “Sign-On” and you will be taken to a new AJAX powered page. Meebo allows gtalk users to log-in, as gtalk is using the Jabber technology.
Visit and try: Meebo.

Mabber is a new service that is still in closed-beta. Still in an invite-only status, Mabber is sure to change the centralized web-messenger service competition. One feature the rest do not have is the Mabber-Java client which can be downloaded in any mobile phones. Let’s see what else they have to offer in the days to come.
Take a look: Mabber.

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