Want to Get an Activated Windows Vista?

Get the ‘NoPE’ version, the latest cracked Vista and the most effective to date. If your reason for not buying a pirated Vista is you won’t be able to get updates from Microsoft, fret not, this version can get updates for you right from Microsoft’s website.

This NoPE version is completely cracked, the product appears to be activated already, and no seriel keys required. If I am not mistaken, Microsoft have a one PC-one Activation policy, since NoPE can get updates from Microsoft regardless of how many people have it installed, they sure found a way to trick Microsoft’s system.

Follow up:

So do you want it? Sorry but I do not offer downloads of it :p But yes, just to test this, I searched for a copy. Boxed or downloaded? I’ll keep that private :p

Regardless, I don’t like using pirated OS, it is your OS! Without it, your box is pretty much useless. Buy the original it is worth it. But buy it 2nd quarter of next year, let all your applications and drivers you will need update their stuff to stable first :p I am still using Windows XP Professional, legal OEM. Vista can wait, my 64-bit Core 2 Duo can also wait.


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