Update Your Drivers and Software Easily and Quickly

Are you like me, an upgrade/update addict? Or maybe like me, always updated about the security of your computer? Always wanting and thinking about new versions of your software and the drivers of your computer/OS components? Then as time goes-by, you realize that it is either it is taking too much precious time, or you have completely forgotten about the updates for a long-time?

Don’t worry anymore, RadarSync is here. It is a small file (300kb as of the time of this writing) that will detect all the drivers and software installed on your computer and checks for the latest versions on the wild net.


Follow up:

RadarSync will give you a simple report with the details about the driver or software you need to update, together with your existing version and the latest version, and the manufacturer. There is also a download link, but if you are not a premium user, it will not work. The only option is to search for that version via Google.com.

Now, if you will be one of the Premium Users of RadarSync and take advantage of the direct download feature for example, be sure that you read the “update version”, because I noticed that it considers Alpha and Beta versions as the “update version”, and unless you are convenient using such test versions, don’t update.

Finally, what I don’t understand is why Yahoo! Messenger’s ‘manufacturer’ is Microsoft, as shown on the screenshot above ;) Did I miss something? Did Windows Live Messenger bought Yahoo! Messenger and I didn’t know it? (Probably just a human error on their part though.)

Go get RadarSync 2007 which is compatible with Vista, you will love it.

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