Ubuntu 8.04 LTS – Hardy Heron now Out!

If you still don’t know yet, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS has been available for download for a week already ;) Yes, the stable version.

There are two editions – Desktop and Server. As the name suggests, the Desktop Edition are for the end-users, while the Server Edition is well for the servers! And yes, LTS releases (short for Long-Term Support) is now taking a bigger chunk of the server world.

Follow up:

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Desktop Edition, from Canonical:

The latest Ubuntu release brings the best of open source together on a platform that is here to stay with 3 years of free updates. With hundreds of improvements and the addition of the latest version of Firefox amongst other outstanding applications, more and more users are assessing why Ubuntu wins more and more converts with every release.

Productivity tools: Ubuntu supports all of your favourite web-based mail programs like Yahoo™ or Gmail™. It also comes with the Free/Libre Open-Source Software (FLOSS) Pidgin that allows you to connect to all your contacts from YM, WLM, GTalk, MySpace IM, Jabber, AIM, ICQ, and other IM protocols.

Browsing comes with Mozilla Firefox 3 (Beta 5), the latest and of course greatest Firefox version available today.

It also comes with OpenOffice.org 2 as its Office Suite which is using the ISO Standard ODF (Open Document Format), giving you the freedom to use any Office Suite without the need to convert it from one format to another, as well as a guarantee that your documents can be accessible even in the far future.

And of course, it is very customizable. If you are a Vista user, many of its features came from Ubuntu, but MS Windows still can’t give what Ubuntu can provide safely and for free – CompizFusion! Check out the videos via YouTube.

Get Ubuntu 8.04 now!

~ Using Ubuntu 64-bit 8.04 :D

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* FLOSS = Free/Libre Open-Source Software
** Free/Libre means freedom, as in free speech.

Source: Ubuntu 8.04 LTS

I play the following in my Ubuntu 64-bit 8.04 OS:

  • Guild Wars
  • World of Warcraft
  • EVE Online
  • Second Life

and many more!

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