the Philippines and IPv6

Good job for PLDT for leading and convincing the government and major IT agencies and sectors to start upgrading and promoting the use of IPV6 or Internet Protocol version 6.

Follow up:

IPv6 will solve the current problem of slowing down of the internet as well as the so few left IP Addresses that IPv4, our current version is facing. With the version 6, a totally new and upgraded version of the current Internet Protocol, it will open up new IP Addresses and more possibilities in naming networks or PCs as it is not limited to numerical values anymore.

Personally, I’ve experimented with the early form of IPv6 late 90’s and back then, though there is a very limited access points and sites using IPv6, one can already see the potential of the new protocol. Today, I was left behind, and I am hearing and reading reports as to how far the development progress is now compared to in the late 90s.

There are many countries already ready to make the switch to IPv6, but the Philippines is still not ready. When the time comes the switch is turned on, we will slowly feel its impact as more and more websites will become inaccessible to us, as networks start to slowly turn-off IPv4 support.

Good job again to PLDT.

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